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Every citizen can became a library card holder after presenting his/her valid identity
card and paying the registration fee.
The library rules are obligatory for all users of the library services. If these rules are
broken, the library card holder can temporarily or definitely lose his/her library rights.
After having paid the registration fee the visitor will get a library card which is
nontransferable. The library card holder is obliged to report its loss to the library
immediately as well as all the changes of his/her personal data given at the time of
Registration fee:
70,-  Kč    for 12 months starting from the day of payment, for children under 15, students
              and seniors
140,- Kč for 12 months starting from the day of payment, for adults
210,- Kč for 12 months starting from the day of payment, for family regitration
              (i.e. 2 adults + children under 15)
When visiting the library visitors must show their library card. Without a valid library
card the entrance to the library is only possible with the permission of the librarian.
Borrowing procedura
Books and periodicals are lent for a fixed period of one month without any charge. If the
item is not available at the moment, visitors can ask for a resarvation. In this case visitors
will have to pay for the postage or it´s possible to be informed by e-mail free of charge.
Visitors without library cards who don´t want to become permanent library card holders
and are interested in one time borrowing can borrow the requisite documents by paying
a deposit determined by the librarian plus a one time fee of 20 Kč for one title.
Lending books from the study hall
Time limit: 7 days
The deposit will be determined by the librarian. If visitors aren´t library card holders,
a fee of 20,Kč is charged.
Borrowing terms
Books can be borrowed for a period of 30 days. The library is entitled to set a shorter
period for individual borrowings without giving a reason. The borrowing period can be
prolonged twice for 30 days each time unless another person has asked for the title.
Exceeding the borrowing time limit (overdue items)
If the books or other items are not returned to library in time, there will be a fine charged
for breaking the borrowing terms.
1st   reminder 5,Kč for a title, 1,Kč for a periodical + postage
2nd reminder 10,Kč for a title, 1,Kč for a periodical + postage
3rd reminder 15,Kč for a title, 1,Kč for a periodical+ postage
4th  reminder 20,Kč for a title, 1,Kč for a periodical +postage
1st reminder 2,Kč for a title, 1,Kč for a periodical + postage  
2nd reminder 5,Kč for a title, 1,Kč for a periodical + postage
3rd reminder 10,Kč for a title, 1,Kč for a periodical + postage
4th reminder 15,kč for a title, 1,Kč for a periodical + postage
After inconsequential requests legal claim follows.      
Losses and damages
Visitors are obliged to
- protect the borrowed items from damage and loss
- examine the item before borrowing it and report the damage in advance
- report the loss or damage of the item to the library without delay
The library decides about the way of compensation and according to OZ §420-422
it can demand:
- an undamaged copy of same title, same edition + handling fee of 50,Kč
- financial compensation which consists of the value determined by the librarian
 and a handling fee of 50,Kč
- a bound copy of the same work
- when partially damaged the full value of the book at the time when the damage
   happened can be charged + handling fee of 50,Kč
- at the loss of a periodical the reader will be charged the price of the periodical
   + 10,Kč handling fee
- when damaging the bar code the reader will be charged 15,Kč service fee
Further services
interlibrarian borrowing service of books and books on CD/tape, where the postage
and other costs are charged
international interlibrarian borrowing service where the postage and other costs are
Lending of sound tracks
On the closed collective licence agreement about lending sound records rendering
author´s works, artistic performances and other sound records between the National
Library of the Czech Republic and the collective administrators o author´s rights
OSA, DILIA and INTERGRAM every newly bought sound record can be lent home
only after a nine-month safety limit.
Sound records can be found in the information department of the library.
User of this department is the person who:
- is a library card holder of the Municipial Library in Nymburk and has paid the
 registration fee for the relevant period
- signs the declaration about abiding the law č.247/90 Sb. abut the protection of
 author´s rights
- shows his identity card to the assistent for his personal data to be verified
Borrowing terms:
Monday     -    Tuesday
Tuesday     -    Thursday
Thursday   -    Friday
Friday        -    Monday
At one time it is possible to borrow 5 CDs maximally, childern under 15 only 1 CD
Sanction charges:
- the user is obliged to observe the boorrowing terms
- when returning the items late 20,Kč will be charged for one day+postage
- the user is obliged to protect the sound record before loss or damage
- the user is not allowed to lend the borrowed material to other people
- if any damage i found on the borrowed material, the user is obliged to advise
 the librarian about it. If they don´t do this, they are responsible for the damage
 found at the return of the item
- at the devaluation of the sound carrier the library chargeds the full price + 50,Kč
 handling fee
- if the whole cover is damaged, the user will pay 20,Kč
Access to internet and working on the computer
Visitors to the library have free access to the internet. In case of higher interest of other visitors in using Internet, time is limited to 30 minutes. Priority is given to registered
library visitors. Internet is intended for self-education, looking up information for study
and work purposes, and a means of information. Internet users are obliged to observe the
provision of the current legal arrangement set by the legality of the Czech Republic.
The library is authorized to check the observance of settled conditions and when finding
out they were broken to finish the one -sided lent services.
Computer use:
Computer use (without Internet) 5,- Kč/10 minutes
Copy machine Sharp, Printer HP 3700

text + little picture
max. ½ page
2,- Kč
text + little picture
max. ½ page
15,- Kč
picture whole page
10,- Kč
picture whole page
10,- Kč

Pricelist for placing advertisements
placing an ad for 14 days    -    30,- Kč
placing ad ad for 30 days    -    50,- Kč
placing larger adverts for 30 days     A5 -   50,- Kč
                                                          A4   -   40,- Kč
                                                          A3   - 150,- Kč
Pricelist for copying sevisces

text, text + little picture
max. half a page
picture whole page
A4                                         2,- Kč
A4                                      10,- Kč
A4 duplex                            3,- Kč
A4 duplex                          19,- Kč
A3                                         4,- Kč
A3                                      20,- Kč
A3   duplex                           6,- Kč
A3 duplex                          39,- Kč

text, text + little picture
max. half a page
picture whole page
A4                                         15,- Kč
A4                                      20,- Kč
A4 duplex                            29,- Kč
A4 duplex                          39,- Kč
A3                                         30,- Kč
A3                                      40,- Kč
A3   duplex                           58,- Kč
A3 duplex                          78,- Kč
Pricelist for scannig services
1 page scanning +
sending by e-mail
15,- Kč
2 pages scanning +
sending by e-mail
20,- Kč
3 pages scanning +
sending by e-mail
25,- Kč
1 page 5,- Kč + working
of librarian 10,- Kč
Pricelist for laminating services
Clear lamination 150 mic.
50,- Kč
25,- Kč
14,- Kč
17,- Kč
Pricelist of faxing services
Sending:         sending 1 page                         10,- Kč
                       for additional pages                    1,- Kč
Receiving:      receiving 1 page                        5,- Kč
                       For each additional incoming     1,- Kč
Exceptions to the borrowing rulex and all it´s changes and supplement must be permitted
By the director of the library.
These library rules are effective starting from 1.1. 2008
In Nymburk, on 21.12.2007        
Helena Liptáková
Director of MěK Nymburk




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